Winning slots book by Avery Cardoza

Top 15 Books About Slots

Need some tips on how to win at the Slot Machines? Read on for a compiled list and review of the top books aimed at giving you the edge.

There are many books out there offering both advice and tips on how to improve your game play at the Slot Machines. The Slots Guide has narrowed your search for you and below is a comprehensive guide to some of the best books out there.

Comprehensive list of casino-related books

1Break the One-Armed Bandits by Frank Scoblete – 1994

Scoblete is a well known author for all gambling games. His insight into Slots however, is both easy to understand and offers unique advice. Following his description of the history of Slots, he continues to suggest that in fact, yes, it is possible to play smart at the Slot Machines.

He ensures, that the reader, understand the workings of both the Slot machine, and the casinos aim to generate as much profit as possible, whilst giving advice on how to save money and not be burned.

2. Secrets of modern slot playing – Larry Mak – 1997

Packed into the 48 pages of this book by Mak, are some of the best tips you will receive. Mak discusses the reasoning behind how the location of a slot machine can affect your chances of a win or a loss.

He manages to give the reader insight into the minds of the casinos, thus increasing the players’ chances of knowing which machine to play, and those to avoid. An enjoyable read for those not so familiar with slots and those wishing to improve their game.

3. The Slot Machine Answer Book: How They Work, How They’ve Changed and How to Overcome the House Advantage – John Grochowski 1999

Grochowski aims to help his readers better understand the workings behind the slot machines. As well as this, he discusses the odds, the development of the game, and which games to play to maximise winnings.

Grochowskis use of Questions and Answers format in his book, make this both a thoroughly enjoyable read, as well a comprehensive guide to all things Slots.

4. Slot Smarts: Winning Strategies at the Slot Machine – Claude Halcombe – 2000

Halcombe discusses scenarios which a player may face in great detail. Also contained in this book are instructions for the player, helping the reader better understand Slot Machines. This is an invaluable read for those who enjoy the slots, and gives the player the advantage of in depth knowledge into the games.

5. Advantage Slots – Jack Finch – 2000

This book offers readers the opportunity to better understand Slots. From revealing which area of the country offers the best chances, to when to cut your losses, this book contains it all.

Finch shares his expertise and experiences with the readers, to help you gain that competitive edge needed to excel at the slot machines.

6. Slotplay : Build Your Own Jackpot! – Carlene Cole – 1999

Cole explains clearly the logic behind slot machines in an easy to understand format, with a hint of humour. Learn to maximise your winnings and ultimately enjoy the game. An excellent read for all those who enjoy slots.

7. All Slots Made Easier #2 (More Winning Strategies & More Bonus Video Slots) – Gayle Mitchell – 1999

Mitchell aims to help the reader better understand the slots and hence win. Understanding the odds and history of slots can better increase your chance of a big win. This book is a must for all those interested in slots.

8. Slot Machines: A Pictorial History of the First 100 Years – Marshall Fey – 1997

This book is a must for those interested in the History of slot machines. Fey truly knows his stuff, and shares his knowledge in a manner which keeps the reader enthralled. A book for experienced and novices alike.

9. John Patrick On Slots – John Patrick – 2000

Patrick lays the foundations in this humorous book on Slots. Patrick leaves the rest up to the reader. The advice laid out here, is universal and can be brought into practice at any level of gambling, but can certainly aid in the area of slots. A funny and interesting read.

10. Powerful Profits From Slots – Victor Royer – 2003

Royer identifies the true mechanisms behind slot machines in his book. He explains the inner workings of today’s slot machines in an effort to let the reader better understand their chances of winning. An enjoyable read, with some truly amazing facts.

11. All Slots Made Easier (Winning Strategies for Basic Slots, Progressives & Newest Versions) – Gayle Mitchell – 1999

Mitchell has released many a book on the workings of the slot machine. With many taking heed of Mitchell’s advice, you could do worse than to study the strategies and advice offered in this book. An exceptional read.

12. How to Win Millions Playing Slot Machines!: …Or Lose Trying (Scoblete Get-the-Edge Guide) – Frank Legato –  2004

Legato distinguishes the facts from the myths in this book. As an experienced player, his advice is undoubtedly sound. Legato uses humour to ensure an enjoyable read, all the while supplying advice.

13.  Robbing the One-Armed Bandits: Finding and Exploiting Advantageous Slot Machines – Charles W. Lund – 1999

Lund aims to win, and has shared his experiences and advice in this book. “Banking Slots” are discussed in great detail in this book, as according to Lund, this slot is the easiest to beat, and best slot to ensure you are not left disappointed.

14. Secrets of Winning Slots – Avery Cardoza – 2003

Cardoza identifies over twenty strategies which ultimately lead to a win. Some strategies are announced for the first time ever. A must read if you play to win.

15. Slot Machine Strategy: Winning Methods for Hitting the Jackpot – MacIntyre Symms – 2001

Symms studies some of the past players games, and demonstrates precisely what went wrong, and how to overcome the errors made by previous players. Symms has developed a book which is both an enjoyable read for the non slots players, and an informative read for those wanting to win.