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Slots Strategy

How to Play Online Slots


One of the most enjoyable and popular games of online casino is slot machine. Although, Slot machine games seem to be easy to understand, it is very important to learn all all the slot machine rules. There are many different kind of slots, starting with traditional 3 reel slots, following with 5 reel slots and 7 reel slots (known as video slots) and also progressive slots.

We will guide you how to play slot machines, by learning the basic terms and then we’ll provide you step by step ‘how to win at slots’ instructions.

Basic Information

The main goal of the slot machine game is strike a winning combination of symbols. By achieving this goal you win a jackpot (payout). The different symbols are worth different amount of money. Slot machines types are divided by few categories: number of reels, number of paylines, different winning functions.

The simple ones, traditional slots have 3 reel and called “”3 reel slots””, whenever a button spin is pushed or a lever at the side of the slot machine is pulled, the reels on the slot machine spin. Then, if there is a winning combination the slot machine player will accumulate some money.

When you play 5 slot machine games with 5 reels and more which have few paylines, you can win few combinations and you winning prize would be higher.

How to play (instructions)

In order to play slots online, you must select the coin value. The value of the coins you use depends on the slot machine you choose. The game is started by clicking the spin button, then the wheels will stop and wait for the outcome.

Slot machines have a payout table, the payout tables differ for different slot machine games. It is important to understand what the rules for each slot machine are. For example, on one slot machine you’ll have 5 reels combination and get 4,500 coins if you win, but the same combination on a different slot machine game may lead to 1,000 coins.

Each slot machine has ‘help’ button and the guidelines are usually easy to follow. Online slot bets are determined by the denomination of coins. You can see if it is 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, $1, $2, $5, and $10 coin denominations. The winning prizes are in accordance with the value of the coin used when you started.

If you wish to use several coins in the same slot spin, you can click the max bet button and bet a maximum of 3 coins. There are some slot machine games with an “auto bet” button and specific definitions which determine when the reels stop spinning.

In order to choose what your favorite online slot is, you will have to compare the payouts for each slot game and see the winning combination in the paytable. If you wish to start playing slots for free, without risking any money, we recommend you give one of our top selections: Golden Casino.

You will find a great variety of online Slots to play for free or for money (we highly recommend you start with the free slots option and move to real money slots later on, once you understand the rules and different payouts of each slot game). Enjoy the slots!