How to cheat video slot machines


If you are a casino player, or if you have ever stepped into a casino, you know what a video slot machine is. You may have also tried the “how to win on video slot machines” articles on the internet. It will be fair to say that you were trying to increase your chances of winning. However, there are some players of the video slot machines who have taken their curiosity on a different level. These players were have turned into researchers as they come up with information such as “how to cheat or hack a video slot machine.” However, we have not found any information about the authenticity of the video slot machines.

So, in this article, we will know if cheating on slot machines is even possible? We will try to go deeper into the topic to gather as much information as we can. You may find information about video slot machines you have never known, in this article. Hang tight with us to know everything you want to know about the video slot machines.

Is cheating on video slot machines possible?

Currently, it is impossible to cheat video slot machines. Why? We have described that topic lately in the article.

Nowadays, video slot machines have tampered, so, you cannot just manipulate these slot machines. If you want to know why, well, here is your answer.

Slot machines are not made of turning wheels and cogs. That technology replaced with digital technology in the 1990s. Slot machines have become digital since then. Now, if you are playing on a video slot machine, the spinning reels are based on the algorithm, and codes of the computer. You will not see wheels and cogs if you open a slot machine. Nowadays, computer software decides if you are going to win or not. So, the manipulation of slot machines these days have become very hard.

Now you may come up with a new idea of hacking as these devices are computer-related, however, you will have no luck doing that too. Trying to hack video slots are illegal, for obvious reasons. You could land into serious trouble if you caught doing that.

So, all the cheating on slot machine stories are myths?

Well, if someone from the 60s tells you that he or she cheated on slot machines, we cannot deny that. However, if someone from our age tells you that he or she cheated on a slot machine and got away with it, they must be lying.

Why so? Well, the reason is straightforward. Slot machines were manual in the ’60s. Those machines did not need electricity to operate correctly. They used to run manually as the casino workers wind them up every few days.

The technology in the earlier times induced the manipulation of slot machines earlier. You could easily predict when the slot machine is going to give a winning combination as those slot machines used to make a weird loud noise. That bizarre sound was even louder than the other slot machines.

In the 21st century, you can cheat on almost everything. That explains why mechanical slots are not in use these days. The gambling scene of the world adopted the electro-mechanical games to prevent cheating. Those games, although we’re still using cogs and wheels, were hard to cheat. However, this evolved into the digital slot machines after the ’90s.

The new and revolutionized gambling scene with IGT’s modern technology has become even harder to cheat these slot machines. It is now over thirty years since the adaptation of this new technology in the slot machine, and now the slot games also run on the computer algorithms.

Why cheating the Modern Slot machines have become this hard?

You can’t cheat the Modern Slot Machines. Why? Because the results are determined with the RNG, widely known as a random number generator. So, you cannot even predict the outcome of the video slot machines these days.

For example, the symbols coming on your screen are not only symbols. They are the computer codes, the codes that have a numerical counterpart. The jackpot symbol is 18496, the Grapefruit symbol is 22895, and the Watermelon Symbol is 25319. So, while you are spinning the reel while playing a slot game, the series of randomly generated numbers are your symbols on the slot machines. If the RNG software generates a series of numbers between 25.310 and 25.320, the watermelon symbol will appear on the screen as its numerical counterpart is 25.319. The RNG software then connects with the system software as the system software will place the symbol on the screen.

Predicting the RNG number even with the system’s program is hard to achieve, as these numbers are genuinely random. Hackers mostly do not bother to exploit the RNG server as the spins are always checked via multiple sources in a very short time.

So, hacking the Video slot machines will be a very tedious task for hackers, too, as they have to hack several servers. To get that, they need the network access of the whole casino faster. It will only be possible to cheat on a video slot machine until or unless you have excellent computing capability and efficient computing skills to do that.

Do the casinos protect themselves from cheating?

Well, yes, they do protect themselves from cheating. Different casinos even pay to protect them from cheating. For example, the brick and mortars have installed sophisticated light sensors while watching and reading all the floor movements.

You may try to get access to the playing cabinets to cheat the video slot machines. The casinos thus always keep you under their radar of constant surveillance. Making your chance harder, the casinos watch the recorded streams after a player has won a pot. So, there is no way you can cheat a video slot machine these days. Online slot games rely on the RNG software to keep the information protected from hackers and cheaters.

Cheating players get arrested instantly; they are instantly removed or banned from the gambling organization.

Winning a video slot machine game is nothing but luck. So, don’t try to hack or cheat these slot machines. Play the game as it is, and enjoy it. Happy gambling.