Cleopatra by International Gaming Technology

Review Of Cleopatra Slot Machine Game

Cleopatra slot is the brainchild of IGT (International Gaming Technology). Well, the company created and crafted the game in such a way that it will make you happy. Besides, it is a pretty well-known company responsible for distributing and creating casinos. To be precise, they create both online as well as land-based casinos. Therefore, you can easily comprehend that it is a pretty capable company.

Well, this specific game garnered so much popularity that they came up with a sequel as well. So, here, we are about to acknowledge this slot a bit meticulously.

Features and overview of Cleopatra

  • Now, it is the time to comprehend the features of this slot. It will help you to know this game in a better way. Also, after witnessing the elements, you can extract an overview of the game. So, here are the features that we are talking about.
  • This game is designed based on traditional slot machines, which you will get in the regular casinos. The only difference of this game from the regular slot machines is that Cleopatra comes with five reels. Also, the interactive feature is present in this game. Besides, this game consists of 20 pay lines for each player.
  • The minimum bet, which a player can wager is one penny. On the other hand, the maximum bet that a player can bet is $10. Here, the players will get a chance to win 10,000 credits, which is the highest payout of the game.
  • The gameplay of this slot is also pretty exquisite. You will find out that it consists of numerous elements that belong to the Egyptian culture. On top of it, you will witness a sexy and seductive voice of the queen. It will force you to stick to the sit. Also, the video graphics of this game is pretty intense.
  • The best part about this game is that it consists of a lot of imageries from Egyptian culture. The crafters have incorporated those imageries in the game, and that makes the game even more magnetic. Therefore, you can easily acknowledge the fact that this game will be there in the market for a long time.
  • Besides, the Egyptian hieroglyphics symbolizes the face cards on the reels. Well, it has nothing to do with the benefits or the drawbacks of the game. All it does is to add authenticity to the game. Also, this game epitomizes the perfect combination of regular slots and authentic.

How to play Cleopatra

Now we will tell you about the gameplay of this slot. Well, the first thing that a player has to do is to insert a coin in the game. It will activate the pay lines. After that, players will get a chance to bet on the pay lines according to their preference. Besides, the player will decide the bet amount that they can wager.

So, here are all the things that you should know about the Cleopatra slots. We assure you that it will help you understand the game in detail.