Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance by Microgaming

Why Should You Play The Immortal Romance Game?

Microgaming’s Immortal Romance is one of the most sought-after Video Slot Games in today’s time. Coming packed with lots of features and yet simple gameplay, this game promises the optimum entertainment and excitement to the players.

The developer has done a wonderful job in keeping the interface simple and user-friendly. This is one feature that ensures that players will relish the optimum entertainment and enjoy playing this game. The best part is that you can avail of this game for free, and you stand the chances to adjust your wage. This implies, you never need to stake your money to relish the excitement.

What is so special about this game?

This game is completely different from any other Video Slot games available online. The key point of difference embraces the approach of the provider to ensure safe betting. Players have the chance to adjust the value of their pledge before the start of each spin. This is perfectly suitable for new players in managing their resources.

This way, they can safeguard their funds, without compromising with the aspiration to enjoy the maximum entertainment and thrill. The provider encourages safe pledging practices that make this game one of the trusted one.

What are the main features of this game?

This game comes loaded with various features that you will never find elsewhere. The key features of this game are as follows:

  • This game features 243 Payline for each spin. This is one of the highest counts in this regard among all the popular video slot games.
  • The Wild and Scatter features to ensure that players can enjoy the largest spins.
  • The Wild Desire feature allows players to change the symbols drastically

The most appealing feature of this game is the Chamber of Spins. This is basically a tier-system for the bonus. To get this reward, you need to reach the chamber for as many times possible. In addition, the spin totals and multipliers are the factors considered in this regard. As such, it will be right to state that the game never runs short of features to keep the players engaged for hours.

A slot game with almost 100% Return To Player Rating

If you consider this aspect in selecting a game, you will certainly appreciate it, coming with more than 98% RTP score which is one of the highest RTP‘s in the industry today. This is what safeguards their stake and promises the highest potential about getting to the break-even point.


  • You can play this game with various types of devices.
  • Comes with one of the highest pay lines per spin
  • Packed with enticing features that are exclusive
  • User-friendly interface
  • You can always control the value you put to stake


  • No major flaws were recorded.

This game has a reputation for fetching enticing bonuses. You are likely to find an exciting bonus on your first and the subsequent deposits. Most importantly, you can even find the chance to play the game for free. As such, if you are yet to try this game, you should do that right now!!