Age Of The Gods – God Of Storms

Age Of The Gods - God Of Storms

An overview of The Age of the Gods-God of Storms- video Slot games by Playtech

Are you looking for the best Video Slot games? If so, the Age of the Gods-God of Storms is one option that you must give a try. Coming loaded with various exclusive features, this is one game that deserves a priority over other choices.

This video slot game is powered and driven by the Playtech software. The gameplay in enticing and can keep the players happily engaged for hours. The best part is that the game is operated in a transparent manner that offers fair chances for all the players to win the deal.

What makes this game such highly coveted?

The gameplay revolves around the sea landscape, and the entire game promises blood rushing excitements and thrills to the players.

  • This game comes with 5 reels and 25 Payline
  • This game can be availed on various devices like mobiles, tablets as well as the desktop.
  • What entices the players the most is the lovely artwork and the high-quality visuals at the backdrop.

These factors boost the engagement of the games further.

What are the special features of this game?

This game has everything in its store to promise the optimum entertainment and enjoyment to the players. Here are a few points that will entice you further to give a try to this game:

Stacked Wild

The stacked wild feature helps players in substituting all other features to enhance their chances of winning the game.

Free Games

The most exciting part is that you can try a few rounds of this game free. As such, you don’t need to stake your money to make a hands-on experience about playing this game.

Wild Wind Respins

Another significant feature of this video slot game is that it comes with Wild Wind Respins. This enables the players to maximize their participation without staking money.

The key attraction for the players taking this game is the chance to win the progressive Jackpot. Thus, while you delve deeper into entertainment and fun, you also stand a chance to win some fortune amount of money. 


  • Players can win bonuses to the extent of 100% of their deposit
  • You can find the free spin schemes
  • Enticing gameplay and use of exceptional graphic arts
  • Promotes sensible betting practices.


In the opinion of some players, the game tends to slow down a bit, after a certain level of advancement is received.

A game that promotes sensible betting practices

What experts appreciate the most about this game is that the provider has made the way of sensible betting. They have included an exclusive budget setting. Players can change the setting to set the minimum payment at any time.

This implies, they will never exhaust their entire resources at a go. Thus, even if you enjoy the most with this game, your financial interests and concerns are never on the stake.

In addition, the Return to Player rating crossing 96%, it is one of the safest games for the players.