Finn And The Swirly Spin

Finn And The Swirly Spin

Finn And The Swirly Spin: Everything You Need To Know About The Game

NetEnt is one of the best video slot games providers online. There is not any shred of doubt about that. There are a lot of video slot games and online casino games providers there. However, NetEnt has always held its spot firmly from the very first day. They have provided some of the best video slot games to the online market.

Finn and the Swirly Spin is one of the best games of this online casino game providers. NetEnt has developed this game with a rainbow in the background. There are a lot more things you should know about the game. Hang tight with us in the article while we review the game. Then you can decide whether to play the game or not.

First up; the background score and the theme of the game:

NetEnt has achieved the idyllic representation of a leprechaun country, and they added it to the idea of the slot. They gave a rainbow in the background. Not only that, they got swirly fat trees, Finn dancing away to the left of the reels.

NetEnt has tried to give the background a playful and light atmosphere. The developers of the game have animated Finn accordingly to what happens on the reel. It felt like having a personal cheerleader egging player for a win.

When it comes to the design concept, the best part comes when the free spins get activated. Finn flies in a whirlpool of clouds. The player will get four different types of free spins to choose from. These free spins are represented with four floating bars on top of a cloud.

The player can leave the choice to a leprechaun to get a drink and to have some break. These four bars are the Lava Bar, the Star Bar, the Lucky Mug, and the Golden Pot bar. The Golden Pot Bar is the ultimate free spin round that a player can get in this game. The game developers were smart enough to put the Golden Pot Bar at the end of the rainbow.

Then comes the gameplay:

No matter you are playing an action game, sports game, arcade, or casino games, Gameplay is an essential aspect of a game. So, if we are talking about a video slot online game, Gameplay is an important factor here too.

There are a lot of interesting features of the game that can make you dive deeper into the game. However, before explaining the gameplay, we will explain the Spin Mechanic and how does that affect the slot.

For those who want to be clear about the winnings in this slot, the slot can deliver two types of results only. One is the win with the wild symbols, and the other is winning without the wild symbols.

The wins with the Wild will make the Wild Symbols explode. This blast will lead to the destruction of all the vertical and horizontal symbols surroundings. This is what they call the avalanche effect.

However, winning without the Wild Symbols will create a new symbol instead.

Payouts and wagering:

This is another important part of any video slot game.

Well, although stuffed with cool, unique features, the game is a low to medium volatility slot game. The symbols of the game do not have a high payout value. The average hit frequency of the slot is 21.8%. This is not very high; however, it is a standard percentage. The maximum possible payout for this game is $100,000.


With the given information, it is safe to conclude that, despite being a low to medium volatility game with low winnings, this game by NetEnt is fun to play. Try the game today.