Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune by NetEnt

Divine Fortune: The Video Slot game that can change your fortune

Divine Fortune is a Video Slot offered to the players by NetEnt. The game was first released on the 25th of January 2017. The game got its inspiration from Greek Mythology. The game offers a multitude of different god-like features. You can get different types of free spins as well as wilds. However, which is even more important is there are three potential jackpot bonuses that come with titan-sized amounts.

The Video Slot game by NetEnt has five reels, 20 pay lines, and three rows. The bet level can be set between 0.02 to 100. The maximum win can reach up to 109.303 pounds. The RTP rate of the game his incredibly high. It is as high as 96.6%. There are some unique features such as falling wilds, re-spins, a wild on wild feature, and such things. The vitality of the game is high.

The bonus features of the game explained:

Many a treasure of the game comes as a result of bonuses available in the game. There are various bonuses available in the game. Here are the bonuses of the game explained in this part of the article. Check out what does the bonuses mean in the game.

Falling Wild Respins:

You will get this bonus when a wild appears on the reel. The wins of that spin will be awarded to the player. After that, all the wilds will shift their places vertically; this is known as falling wild. After that, the player will get a re-spin. The player will continue getting the re-spin until all the Wilds have fallen off the reels.

Wild on the Wild feature:

This happens when a by-product of the falling wilds. If one of those falling wilds lands behind the existing Wild, that becomes an overlapping wild. This leads to the Wild expand, and it will cover the reels. Each bet for that round will be awarded. The Wild symbols then shift down, and then the reels get awarded with two more additional Falling Wilds.

Free Spins:

Free Spins are other bonuses that divine fortune offers to their players. It also provides the possibility of free spins that can appear anywhere on the reels. Different symbols are symbolizing different amounts of free spins. In the game, 3 symbols mean 5 free spins, 4 symbols mean 8 free spins, 5 symbols mean 12 free spins.

About Divine Fortune videoslot:

There is a series of different jackpots that are available on the game Divine Fortune. A player can claim these jackpots if they get 3 or more bonus symbols on the reels. These will allocate in a multiplier of between 10 to 200x of your different bet level. Then these bets are placed in the independent 15 reels as the round begins. You, as a player, they will be awarded 3 free spins to kick off the game. There will be another 3 free spins added for the new bonus symbols appearing on the reels.

There can be 3 outcomes:

  1. If a row gets filled with Bonus symbols entirely, the player will win a minor jackpot.
  2. If two of the rows get filled with bonus symbols, the player will win a major jackpot.
  3. If all three of the rows get filled with bonus symbols, the player will win a Mega Progressive jackpot.

So, these are the things you might want to know about the Divine Fortune game. Try the game today.