Online casino versus offline casino

Online Vs. Offline Slots Terms and Features

Slot Machines: Online Vs Offline. Slots Terminology

When slot machines have first made it online, they are so different from what you were used to in land-based casinos, that online slots seemed like a completely new game. But today, with the development of the Internet and online casinos, you can’t actually think of a difference between real and online slot machines.

Both online slots and their land-based predecessors operate using the same RNG principles. So the game itself is completely identical. Whether you push the spin button online or pull the handle at a land casino, there will be exactly the same process going on inside the machine, and your odds of winning will be the same too.

Perks of playing at online casinos

Online casinos give you the chance to play free slots by using virtual coins. Unless, you choose to play paid online slots, where the coins have the exact same value of real casino coins.

Another pro-online aspect is that you can play slots for as much and whenever you like, when with real slots you’ll have to travel to a casino. Playing slots online will cost you less than playing land-based slot machines.

Why is that? Because you don’t have to spend any on traveling to a gambling site and can enjoy slots right at your home.

RTP on online slots versus physical slots

Another aspect is that online slots have higher payout percentage compared to real slots. This is because online casinos have far lower costs of operation than their real-world counterparts and can offer their players higher chances of winning.

One really big difference between online and offline slots is that you won’t be offered a free meal when playing online. But online casinos have made steps to substitute this advantage and reward regular players by other means, for example:

Large jackpots at online casinos

For example, some online casinos have points accumulated with your every game, which you can then redeem as casino coins. Other online casinos even offer real merchandise for the points you have accumulated. In what concerns progressive jackpots online casinos cannot yet compare to the tens of millions of dollar jackpots paid out at offline casino.

But still there are some really big wins available online too, with nearly 2 million jackpot being hit at an online progressive slot machine once. Smaller amounts of money (tens of thousands) are won at a regular basis, with numerous online slots being linked in major progressive jackpot networks.

Quick payment from online casinos

The main advantage of online casinos regarding progressive slots is that you receive your win in a single installment. In land-based casinos a big jackpot is usually divided in smaller sums that are paid out on a timely basis.

Terminology Slots terminology can be confusing to some. That’s why we have gathered all the terms related to slots and slots gambling. Regardless of whether you play free slots online or are a fan of progressive slots in land casinos, these terms will be very helpful.

  • Bet Max This button places the highest amount of coins allowed by the machine.
  • Bonus Feature Any possible way of winning besides the typical payline combinations.
  • Bonus Video Slot A video slot machine that has a bonus feature.

Features and terms

There are may different features, but the most common most common are pick a box, free spins and wheel or fortune game style. Buy A Pay A slot machine with multiple pay tables. With any additional coin played, you activate an additional pay tables. Consider max bets. Buttons Interface of any slot machine that lets you interact with it.

Coins Currency used buy the slot machines to place bets. Coin Size Actual value of the coins used in the machine Double Up Typically found in Australian slot machines. Gives you a chance to multiply your win by 2 or 4 by choosing the color or card suit. Fruit Machine The UK variation of slot machine that often features additions like the possibility to hold the reels, nudge and play bonus games.

Hi / Low – A feature common for UK slots, which gives you the possibility to to double your win by guessing whether the next number will be lower or higher.

Hit Rate / Frequency – How often the machine pays a winning combination. Is also used to denote the chance of hitting a bonus game.

Hopper – The area of coin storage inside a real-world slot machine.

Jackpot – The highest win the slot machine can pay Linked Jackpot. A network of slot machines in different casinos that share the same jackpot. Usually found on progressive slots.

Maximum Bet – The highest amount of coins allowed in the game.

Multi-Line – A slot machine that has more than one payline to win.

Pay Line – The line where the combination should line up for you to win.

Pay Out Percentage – The pre-set percentage of bets that will be returned by the slot machine over the long term. Casinos cannot change this percentage.

Pay Table – The chart outlining all the wins payed by the machine.

Pokies Slot machines in Australian slang Progressive Jackpot. Any jackpot that increases while the game is played. A part of every bet is contributed to form the jackpot. Usually met in linked jackpots.

Random Number Generator (RNG) – The chip inside every slot machine that decides when the reels will stop.

Reels – The drums inside the slot machine that spin when you press the button or pull the lever. Modern video slots use digital images instead of spinning drums.

Scatter Pay – Typically found on video slots, a pay that wins without having to line up in the payline. Often found on bonus slot machines.

Slot Machine – Any casino game machine that involves reels

Symbols – The images displayed on the reels in the slot machine. Common symbols are bars, fruits and sevens.

Video Slot – A slot machine using a computer screen instead of physical reels to display the symbols.

Wild Symbol – A symbol that substitutes other symbols. Acts like joker in card games.

Wild Multiplier – A wild symbol that actually multiplies the win it makes a part of.

Winning Combinations – The combinations of symbols that win. Displayed on the pay table.