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If you ever visit theslotguide, you will be able to enjoy the most popular and latest slots instantly. Besides, you can also play them for free. Before investing your hard-earned money in the game, it is significant to read about the game. It will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the games. However, the best way to learn the game is to witness it in action.

Therefore, for that reason, we want you to experience the slot by yourself. It will help you to comprehend it better, and you can give better reviews. Once you acknowledge the groove that is perfectly compatible with you, we will show you the slot form where you can make real money. Thus, you can understand that you have the complete package right now. Besides, you don’t have to hover here and there for the information.

What free slots are and everything you need to know about them

Slot machines are one of the most loved and maybe most played games of a casino. However, there are a lot of people who do not have an idea about these amazingly fascinating slot machine games. These people want to go to a casino on the weekend to enjoy their time on the slots, but just because they don’t have the idea of free slots or slot machines in general, they think it is something tough game to play. So, to help these people, here is our article to help you know everything you need to know about the free slots.

Before starting, we should know what precisely free slots are.

What are Free slots?

Free slots are the games where you don’t need to place a wager to play the game. These slots are pretty easy to play. And you don’t have to fear losing money while playing these free slots. So, the first point is, free slots are different than normal slot machines. These slot machines are kind of like the demo versions of the game. These slot machines are a great way to prepare you for the real ones.

There are a lot of free online slots available on the net. These free slots will give you the exact thrill you will normally get while playing a slot machine in real-time. It’s just you don’t need to place the wager while playing. These free slot machines are hassle-free too. Besides, if you are new to the gambling world, then these slot machines are the exact thing you need for your first experience.

If you are new to the gambling world, a free slot is all that you need to get ready for the bigger experience. It is very easy to play this game, even when you are a newcomer. Now, whether you are playing a free slot or you are playing with wagers, the rules are mostly the same. The free slots are great to gain some confidence before you try a game in real-time. Besides, most of the slot machines have a free version. So, get ready to gain some experience before you get a jackpot in real-time.

Now that we know about the real slot machines, here is how do they work.

How does slot machines work?

Before we opt for a deeper understanding of the different symbols and other things of the slot machines, we should understand how exactly do these slot machines work. These slot machines are nothing different from the normal slot machines where you need to place a wager.

  • Payline: Paylines are the lines running all over the reels. Payouts are awarded on the pay line. The chances of your winning depend on the winning combinations you see on the active pay lines. In these slot machines, you can select several pay lines that you want to play.
  • Reels: Reels are where you see the symbols. Here you can find the symbols on a straight line. A slot machine mostly posses five reels in it. You can see the symbols on these reels and check if you get a winning combination or not.
  • Symbols: Symbols are the most important of them all. These are the parts of the slot machines that can match on an active payline during the gameplay. These symbols can consist of any color or shape. There are also some additional symbols that can give you some bonus points too.

And, now we know about the most important parts of these slot machines, and how does this machine work, here we will be talking about the different kind of symbols you may find on a free slot machine.


  • Scatter symbols: These symbols stand for some bonus points. When these symbols appear on the reel, it can get you some extra points. You can get some free bonus points with these scatter symbols.
  • Wild symbols: Some symbols can substitute the other symbols during the gameplay to provide you some of the winning combos. These symbols normally fall under wild symbols.
  • Multiplier symbols: Multiplier symbols are also here to help to multiply your winnings during the gameplay. These symbols can easily multiply your winnings.

Some online slots offer unlimited fun and thrill. Just what you will feel while playing real-time slots. Besides, you can try these online slots on your mobile or desktop too.

The reason why free slot games are so popular among players:

The first and foremost reason for these slot games getting popular every day is these slots have evolved themselves as a different kind of slot games. These slot games have created a new slot game themselves for the people who want to try and gain some confidence from these slots before they go and try out the real slot machines in real-time.

These free slot games help to make people understand about the original slot games better. Besides, as you don’t have to place a wager to play these games, kids who are interested and meet the age criteria of playing this game can try them online without the risk of losing anything. Slot machines in casino nowadays are not limited to its three-reel fruit games version anymore. It has evolved with some of the slot machines having their own scatter and other symbols helping the player sometimes in winning bonus points, or sometimes in multiplying their winnings.

These new adaptations have made the slot machines even more interesting for the players, and therefore, the game has become so much popular amongst the players.

Do I have to register myself to play a free slot?

No. You don’t need the registration to play a free slot. You can play the free games without bothering the ring about the registration. Besides, you can enable the push notifications that you will receive from theslotguide. Therefore, whenever we come up with new offers or free games, we will notify you. Also, there is no need of registration if you want to play free casino games. To be precise, you can play our games whenever you want and wherever you want.

Well, the situation is the same for other online casinos that offer free games. In case if an online casino is providing demos, you don’t have to be a member to try those. Everyone can try those games as free versions are available for all the slots. Besides, you will get these demos before those online casinos enter the market. Therefore, you will have the idea of the game before playing it.

Well, the game developers do this to make their mark in the competition. However, the person who is enjoying the profit is you. Well, after playing the demo, you will have a precise idea about the game. To be specific, you can make decisions about which slot is perfect for you. Besides, you don’t have to worry about paying any money. In this way, you will get enough time to select the ideal slots for you.

Is it necessary to download the free demo?

No. You don’t have to download anything to enjoy free games.

Here, all you have to do is to visit the Slots section. After that, you will be able to enter the free casino theslotguide. There you can try all our classes as well as jackpots. Besides, one of the intriguing parts of these slots is that they come with an in-depth review. Well, these reviews will aid you in comprehending your winning chances when you will play these games for money.

Well, the demo slots are instaplay. It is the same as the games of online casinos. Well, you have to click on the preferred slot, and a new page will open in front of your eyes. And after that, the game will load instantly.

Moreover, you can play these free casinos from your mobile and other devices, as well. If you want to play the games to enjoy the vibes, try out our free games. Also, you don’t have to concern about any payment.

All you have to do is to visit the website and start playing the game.

Does the free version work the same way as the money slots online casino?

Yes. Whenever you are playing the free version, you will witness that the free version is the same. To be precise, it is identical to the demo version. Well, the purpose of the developer is to make you play their slots, instead of others.

In case, if you find out that the slot that you are playing is not as exciting as the demo, there is a possibility that you are scammed. So, most of them will not do that. Trustworthiness is essential in the field of the casino.

There is a possibility that you will win in the demo version, but not in the online one. The reasons are:

  • The subconscious perception of your mind.
  • Besides, you have to understand that every session in the slot is different from the previous one.

Are free slots helpful before playing the real thing?

Obviously. Nothing can be better than practicing on the free slots. If you consider the free slots to be useless, you can never win.

Moreover, after playing the demos, you will have a profound idea about all the slots. Besides, you will be able to acknowledge which slot is better for you. In this way, it will increase your chances of winning. Also, by playing the demos, you will get answers to numerous questions like:

  • What are the profits of a bonus round?
  • What wager should I go for to increase the chances of winning?
  • Will the special features help you to win rewards?
  • What is the frequency of the appearance of the unique features?

Well, we can understand that it is pretty hard to craft a real strategy after playing the demos. However, it will provide you with the idea that you can incorporate it.

Is it possible to play free slots with bonuses?

There are some classic slots like a book of dead and starburst, where you can enjoy the free spins. If you have discovered any new brand, check whether they have free spins or not. Mr. Green is one of the brands that will provide you with a free spin.

Besides, you can also play the free slots along with the deposit bonuses. You can also utilize a no deposit bonus to try those slots. Therefore, you can understand that whenever you make a deposit, it will boost your budget.

Also, acknowledge that you can utilize your welcome rewards whenever you play the game. Therefore, we would suggest you check out the game library before using a bonus.

Well, if you can come to theslotguide, you will find out that we have some fantastic welcome bonuses. Therefore, you can join hands with us and start playing immediately.

Final Outcome

Slot machines have always been one of the favorite casino games for a lot of people. There are people who have not ever tried a slot machine before. Some players used to hit the casinos often before. However, now they do not get to spend that much time to get there. These online free casinos are helping all these players to feel the thrill of a slot game. Try these games.