The best jackpot games

Mega Moolah

What Are Jackpot Games, And Which Are The Best Ones?

Winning a jackpot is a dream that everyone has. It is the first thing almost everyone would say if they are given a boon. However, winning a jackpot isn’t that unachievable a dream with the best jackpot games available that can change your fortune. Casino slots have great selections, various features and high payout options that can help you win a jackpot to make your dream come true.

What are jackpot games?

Online casino slots and machine slots have several themes that are quite interesting for the players. There are a plethora of features and symbols to make the games thrilling for you. There may be story driven games too with a treasure hunt. All such games have jackpot symbols which are the highest paying ones of the game. When you successfully land the specific jackpot symbols on the reels, you win a jackpot slot. A jackpot slot may give you a payout or it may be a progressive one with increasing pots.

What are progressive jackpots?

Progressive jackpots are found in some specific range of casino games where they are linked to each other. Such casino games have the jackpots linked to one another which offer players a great amount of pay out. Progressive jackpots offer you thousands of money which may sometimes run into millions even. Whenever a player places a bet, an amount of money from it gets contributed to the jackpot amount. You can find progressive jackpots both online as well as offline. Progressive jackpots at online casinos are connected to all other progressive jackpots games found online and thus the total jackpot amount gets accumulated online.

In the world of online casino games, progressive jackpots are thus quite popular due to the large jackpot prize on the meter attracting the players. It is the first thing you see and dream to bag. There are several instances of people bagging fortunes through these attractive progressive online jackpot casino games. If you are a casino lover, you must definitely try these out.

Best jackpot slots online

Some of the best progressive jackpot games that you can find online are as follows: –

  • Mega Moolah
  • Mega Fortune
  • Arabian Nights
  • Hall of Gods
  • Tunzamunni
  • Mega Ball
  • Blackjack Progressive
  • Safe Cracker
  • Diamond Wild Jackpot
  • 777 Slots Jackpot
  • Lucky Leprechaun
  • Fruit Fiesta

Types of Progressive Jackpot Slots

All casinos present online have various types of progressive jackpot slots to bring some excitement and variety into the game.

Standalone progressive jackpot slots

The standalone progressive machine is not linked to the other machines in the casinos. It is a standalone slot that adds the percentage of the coins in the games for the jackpot prize of the highest combination.

In-house Progressive jackpot slots

This kind of a jackpot links all the machines owned by that particular house or casino. The progressive jackpots are linked with the slot machines in a casino or from a specific gaming company and add up the jackpot amount of all such machines. Thus, needless to say, the jackpot amount could run up to a huge amount. No wonder people are largely attracted to such progressive jackpots.

Wide area progressive jackpot slots

Just like several networks are connected together on a wide area network, the wide area progressive jackpot has several progressive slot machines connected together over a very large area. Various unrelated progressive slot machines from different casinos on the internet. The jackpot amount accumulated in these slots is amazingly huge and players may try their luck in winning such a lump sum amount of money. Such a jackpot can be life changing for you. Play these new age slot games from your home and earn the chance to make huge wins.

Process of playing progressive jackpot slots

In the case of the fixed jackpots, the payout is pretty random and frequent. It doesn’t matter what the bet amount is. However, when it comes to the progressive jackpot slots, the scene is a bit different. Well, if you want to increase the chances of winning the progressive jackpot, you have to wager on all the pay lines. The higher the value, the better the chance of winning the highest payout. Well, you will also get the opportunity to get the highest payouts if your wager is low. However, you have to make sure that you are betting on all the pay lines.

To be precise, low wagers will provide you with the chance to win the highest payout, but the opportunities will be small. Well, if you are playing the progressive jackpot with the lowest coin value, the chance of winning is little. You have to comprehend the fact that if you are up for the more significant risk, the possibility of victory is more. Besides, whenever you play for the jackpots, you will feel the thrill. The fantastic features and themes will make it more interesting for you.

What is the working principle of Progressive slots?

Now, it is time to fathom the working principle of Progressive slots. Well, the system of this casino is crafted in such a way that whenever a player puts his or her wager, the pot will inflate. With the increase of the bets, the pot escalates significantly. Sometimes, you will witness that the amount of the pot increases to millions. If someone claims the pot, the amount of the pot will decrease. And it will reset itself to the base amount. To be precise, the process is repeating. Well, the amount of the pot will keep on rising, if unclaimed.

Well, in the case of most of the progressive games, they are compatible with all the platforms. Therefore, you can play the game on both iOS and Android. However, you don’t have to worry about anything. Whenever you play this game on the phone, you will witness the same experience as the PC. Well, whenever you place a bet on the Progressive casino, they will filter a small percentage of that amount. And they add the amount to the pot. Besides, Progressive casino has some of the best slots that you will find.