Different Casino Slot Themes

Slot Machine Themes

If you play in any casino, whether it is online or land based, there will be a variety of slot machines to choose from. Slot machines are probably one of the simplest casino games to master as they are purely a game of chance and all it takes to operate them is to press a button or pull a lever, whether virtually or in real life.

However, that doesn’t mean that slots have to be boring because there are a number of themed slots to choose from and the variety of slot machines is only limited by the imagination of the designers.

However, there are a lot of slots based on popular culture as people can relate easily to them as well as some of the simpler versions. Here is our guide to some slots available.

Fruit slots

These are much like early slot machines and you simply have to match up a line of fruit such as oranges and lemons.

TV/Movie slots

There have been a variety of slots based on popular films and television including Wheel of Fortune, The Adams Family, Boogie Nights, Top Gun and Terminator. These use images and symbols synonymous with the respective shows or films and aim to cash in on its popularity.

You might also see sports and football themed slots, slots based on pirates, horror themed slots and then there are also seasonal slots games that celebrate Easter and Christmas.

In fact, you name it, and it has probably been turned into a slot machine.


IGT is a giant in gaming technology and they provide slot machines to both land based and online casinos. In fact, one of their most popular slot themes are the Cleopatra and Egypt themed slots.

There must be something about the allure of ancient Egypt because one of the most popular slots of all time are the Cleopatra slots.


Cryptologic the software providers to online casinos, are the developers of Marvel slots, which are hugely popular slot series based on the characters found in Marvel comics. Blade, Captain America, Dare Devil, Hulk, Punisher, Silver Surfer, X Men, Batman, Wonder Women and Spider Man slot machines are all available.

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