1. and after i am done i will sell the four lego slot machines for 25 dollars if you want to buy one leave a comment and put details of why you are buying it and i can arrange the shipping.

  2. so let me get this straight the two nxt sets are just the machine stuff and tech thing but the bricks are just the covering?? plz put details because i have to make five!!!

  3. did you use any sets or the lego digital designer????? plz respond i am making one so i can get that cool laptop

  4. can someone plz tell me or make a vid on how to build it using lego digital disigner plz!!!!!!!!!! because i need to raise some money and could use this in the science fair!!

  5. are you Freaking me?????????????????? thats CRAZIZLY awesome!!!! I mean, how does it know the difference between coins?

  6. You’re right. I spent some energy in NXC and I enjoy it! It takes some more time to learn it but operates much faster and the runtime performance is not bad either!. The first project I did in NXC is the Lap Timer.

  7. Your reply to kemicen’s comment does not surprise me. I was amazed and impressed that you managed to do all that you did do using NXT-G. I gave up about 5 minutes after loading the CD!

    C programming is the only way!

  8. now i have one of my own,except mines is small,when i insert a coin,it only accepts once,and i have to wait for the next game,how did you get your slot machine to do the credit counting?

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